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Sundar has taken his studies in different institutes, among which Iyengar, Sivananda, as well as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living institute, and with his yogi friend Dhuruv dev Singh.
Since then, more and more people wanted to learn from him. Over time he has created his own sequences and teaching methods based on the eight steps, or ‘limbs’, of yoga.
His classes are at the same time accessible to anyone and challenging for all.

The eight limbs of yoga

As described in the Yoga Sutras by Maharishi Patanjali, Raja/Hatha yoga can be divided into eight limbs as a structural framework of yoga practice:
Yama’s - Social ethics, Niyama’s - Individual ethics, Asana’s - Body postures, Pranayama - Breathing exercises. Pratyahara - Focusing the senses inwards, Dharana - Focus the Mind, concentration, Dhyana - Meditation, Samadhi - Peaceful state.
Yoga means ‘union’. Following the eight steps will allow you to become more You, how you are.
By regulating your breath, body, mind, emotions and actions.

Integrate yoga into your life

Today we find numerous types of yoga with the most unbelievable names. However, if you dig deeper, you will find that all yoga varieties are derived from Hatha yoga, no matter the name. No matter how you utilize ropes, curtains, surfboards or even trees. Yoga is teaching you self-discipline which is required in your practice.
Yoga Knowhow teaches you to organically apply this knowledge and discipline to slowly integrate yoga into your life. Rather than jumping on your surfboard after a yoga practice, discover how to remain in the mental state while surfing.

About Yoga Knowhow

Yoga Knowhow is an educational project for people who want to learn more about yoga than postures alone. For people who want to practice and understand the discipline in a profound way. It is Yogi Sundars toolbox acquired and organized during more of 20 years of study, practice, teaching and travelling.

At Yoga Knowhow you will find a wide collection of Yoga lessons and exercises, in videos available to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

A journey from Pranayama to meditation, with very interesting views and stops into the asana and matra practice.

Sundar’s exercises are at the same time accessible to anyone and challenging for all. His way of teaching is based on a life of yoga according to eight steps, the ‘eight limbs’ of yoga.

Yoga Knowhow is a non profit project in collaboration with AFIP, Association For Promoting of Intercultural relation Among People.

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