Strong Body-Strong Mind

In the third limb, as a structural framework of yoga practice, we find asana. The word asana means posture or pose, like it is impossible to build a house without solid foundation, doing yoga properly will require practicing certain fundamentals.

The Yamas and Niyamas provide the moral and social edicts and conducts to learn about how you think and act, your needs and deeds, the way you live your life and the way you affect others. Practicing asanas is self-reflection, and helps you to see yourself, to feel the way you breathe. Do you know where your hands and feet are? Can you feel the tension the muscles need to do the asana? Without the attention, awareness and reflection of the Intellect, yoga asanas are nothing more than just gym exercises.

Yoga can be considered a top-sport, as you move at the very edges of the capability of your body, joints and muscles. You need to become aware that you’re doing the same as professional athletes: you need concentration and a constant eye upon yourself not to hurt or injure yourself. The difference between yoga and competitive sports, though, is that in sports, the only way to win the competition and claim the golden medal is by crossing your limits; with yoga, the art is to find and stay within your limits. For a yoga practitioner, there is no need to compete. In yoga there is no rival, there are no spectators, there’s no medal to win. That’s why yoga helps you to remain fit and vital, as long as you breathe. There are not many athletes above the age of 40, but everyone knows stories of incredibly old yoga masters!

Doing asanas in a proper way with dedication and patience makes your body stronger and healthier, assuring you feel more at home in your own skin. Improper practice, on the other hand, may cause more problems than they could solve. People with minor distress sometimes get more physical affliction than they can handle, others with no pain at all start to develop all kinds of physical discomfort and even chronic pain. That should not happen!

Yoga Knowhow will help you learn asanas in the right way, with proper guidance. The Yoga Knowhow Practice/Manual contains a variety of asanas with pictures and step-by-step instructions to get you into the poses.

If you are injured or under medical treatment please consult your doctor, and listen carefully to your body!

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