• Prana Talks.
    Whe are happy to present Yoga Knowhow’s first serie of videos. Prana Talks: 20 talks with most relevant topics important you need to get familiar with before attempting to follow any pranayama exercise. Please go through the following playlist, you will be able to come back later, in case you […]
  • Chant OHM with me
    OHM NAMA SIVAYA. The universal  sound. I wish to encourage you all to chant OHM with me. It is an opportunity to free yourself from the feeling that something is blocking you. I wish to persuade you to chant OHM with me. It is a great opportunity to release your […]
  • Full Yogic Breath
    Full Yogic Breath. Also known as Three–Part Breath is the pillar of Pranayama. The first technique any new yoga practitioner must learn. It teaches you to respire fully and completely. These three parts are the abdomen, diaphragm, and chest.  Related Topics, 60 Minutes: —> Please, follow the playlist from the […]
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama exercises for initiated
    Once familiar with Full Yogic Breath and the basic Kapalabhati, it is time for some more advance and complete Kapalabhati Pranayama exercises. The exercises described in this post are not intended to be followed by beginners. Please take your time to get familiar with the basics before you try to follow […]
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama
    Natural inhaling/ Forceful exhaling. Abdominal breathing through your nose The focus in Kapalabhati pranayama lies on the forceful exhalation using your abdomen to contract on the moment of exhaling. The inhalation follows immediately by releasing your abdomen, using this abdominal movement to allow air to flow in your lungs without […]