In Silence we Hear

Dhyana, or meditation, is the seventh limb of yoga. All the previous limbs have a shared purpose for you to be able to sit down for a while and allow yourself to enter the meditative state. When breath and thoughts slow down, the mind focuses on our inside rather than on the distractions of the outside world.

Chin-mudra padma-asana
Hand/finger pose in full lotus pose

Meditation is a process quite similar to falling asleep; you might have all kinds of rituals to help you to get there, you might take a shower, read a book, drink an infusion, and sometimes that may work, while other times you may be tossing and turning and wake up more exhausted than you were before. In a similar manner, the first attempts at meditation will mostly be attempts to sit still while the mind is wondering. By practising dhyana, pranayama, asanas and yoga’s other limbs, at some point you could be able to reach a higher state of consciousness consistently. 

Yoga teaches us that our daily experiences are, in a sense, illusionary. We compare our present and future experiences with those of our past and base them on unconscious prejudices, desires and needs. Deep meditative state will allow you to see the Truth without those unconscious hurdles. The mind is like a lake’s surface, mirroring your thoughts, when it becomes totally still. Only then the reflection will be there, although even the smallest ripple affects the surface and makes the magic disappear.

Sundar meditating on Ganges river bank.

Reaching this state is not impossible, but you won’t get there in a day. Though with practice, you might be able to get there tomorrow or the day after.

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