Yoga Knowhow is an educational institute for people who want to learn more about yoga than postures alone and want to practice and understand the discipline in a profound way. We will help you gain more insight into yourself and take your practice to the next level.

Yoga Knowhow is SundarĀ“s personal Yoga toolbox acquired during more than 20 years of practise and teaching. It is a space to share and organize this knowledge to be used anywhere and anytime.

Sundar is creating this content, and will require some help, you can join the waiting list and gain early access to Sundar’s teachings from as little as 3 Euro a month.

Your monthly support would give Sundar the courage and time to get all this information on paper and video and to help others. Because Sundar is not yet able to survive only of prana, you will be helping him to have some food and to pay the rent, while working creating for us.