Insight and knowledge in Yoga

After 20 years of practice and teaching yoga I have decided to publish my knowhow. One of the tools in my ‘toolbox’ will be a yoga practice manual with practical information and classes, breathing exercises, yoga poses, mantras and meditation.  A complete journey through yoga philosophy with valuable lessons for daily life.  

The practice manual contains 10 classes, optional elements of choice and a rich variety of yoga poses, which can take you between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on your level of practice, the desired intensity and your chosen class sequence. The ten classes together form an integral system to enhance your health in a balanced and responsible way. Clear, step by step instructions of the poses, each accompanied by detailed pictures, will help you improve your yoga and possibly your teaching skills.

The manual will function both as a guide and a reference, and since I understand some of the lessons may still be hard to understand for those not well trained in yoga, all the lessons will be supported by videos.

Transcend with Sundar´s Secret meditation method 

A second book I’m working on is a unique revelation about meditation. After countless hours of meditation, I realized that most of the time meditating consists of sitting still, mostly in an attempt to reach the meditative state, rather than being in that actual state. One day it appeared to me: meditation needs a structural framework, a technique that connects the old and the new. My book will reveal the method I discovered to make your attempts at meditation a success.  So far I kept it to myself, but I was never good at keeping secrets!

The books are in my drawer, and it is time to get it out and share them with the world. I am creating this content, and I will require some help, you can join the waiting list from as little as 3 Euro.

Your monthly support would give me the courage and time to get all this information on paper and video and to help others. Because I am not yet able to survive only of prana, you will be helping me to have some food and to pay the rent, while I work creating for you.

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