An instrument in the toolbox of yoga

Yoga could be a toolbox, different tools provide help or can help to use that part of yoga required in the moment. Mantra chanting is an instrument in the toolbox of yoga. It could take a little time, like most of yoga, to grasp. Once more you have the opportunity to practice, to try and to experience for yourself, what is behind it all.

Om Namah Shivaya – Beatles Ashram – Rishikesh – 2017

When we are bothered by the mind and we can’t take the attention away, chanting could make your effort a success. The mind with its combination of various moods, emotions and thoughts, can easily bring you in a state of unhappiness.

To chant a mantra when you feel good, having a happy mood makes it easy to sing. Usually it comes up by itself. You don’t really need to find an excuse just to hum. When you don’t feel happy, nothing to laugh about, now friends to call or to take your mind off your misery, you are left on your one.

By chanting we can overcome the mind. Negative feelings, loneliness and sorrow, pain and destructive thoughts, could melt like snow in the sun. The secret in mantra is devotional love, one of the keys in yoga.

Of course it is close to impossible to sing a mantra when you are not in the best mood. You probably don’t even want to hear about it when you are in such state. Anger and aggression, fear and illusions, can bring you fast to your knees. Keep in mind that we talk about ways to handle a breakout of the mind, the unwillingness of the senses, the layers of your very existence scattered all over, leaving you confused. Surely it is impossible to chant a mantra. ‘To overcome’, need I say more? It always comes down to that, to overcome the mind. You can stay in your bad mood, even being ok having a bad mood. But you better not.