OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. The universal sound.

Chant Om with me

Om is much more than a sound, it is the first sound of the universe. Om connects all living beings to nature and the universe.

I wish to encourage you all to chant OM with me.
It is an opportunity to free yourself from the feeling that something is blocking you.

I wish to persuade you to chant OM with me. It is a great opportunity to release your voice

It is time to relax your face, separate your teeth, drop your tongue in the down part of your mouth, exhale, clear your throat if you want to.

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Chant OM with me

Turn on your music system, play this video as loud as your speakers allow you to.

OM chanting is associated with an experience of relaxation, changes in autonomic balance and deactivation of limbic brain regions… Modulation of brain regions involved in emotion processing and implicated in major depressive disorder (MDD) raises a potential possibility of OM chanting in the treatment of MDD.[1]

A sensation of vibration is experienced during audible ‘OM’ chanting. This has the potential for vagus nerve stimulation through its auricular branches and the effects on the brain thereof… The neurohemodynamic correlates of ‘OM’ chanting indicate limbic deactivation. As similar observations have been recorded with vagus nerve stimulation treatment used in depression and epilepsy, the study findings argue for a potential role of this ‘OM’ chanting in clinical practice. [2]

Om chanting can be used to control Blood Pressure in moderate hypertensive subjects and to manage B.P in mild hypertensives even before starting the drug therapy. It can be added to the lifestyle of subjects in the prehypertensive stage and in subjects having strong family history. [3]