Once familiar with Full Yogic Breath and the basic Kapalabhati, it is time for some more advance and complete Kapalabhati Pranayama exercises.

The exercises described in this post are not intended to be followed by beginners. Please take your time to get familiar with the basics before you try to follow this serie.

For some of us it can take days or weeks, others might spent months or even years to get to the same. It’s all ok. Most important is that it serves you. You should feel better.

It’s important that you take responsibility for your own practise by acknowledging and respecting our Health disclaimer

Benefits of Kapalabhati pranayama: It improves abdominal breathing, increases the strength of your lungs and blood supply through your body. It also helps to extract oxygen from the air you’re breathing and therefore boost your energy. It is also considered as the doorway to more breathing exercises.

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