Growing up in a large family in the Netherlands, his youth wasn’t what you would call cheerful. Aged 12 he ran away from home and lived on the streets for some years. He got busted for a series of burglaries and sent to a juvenile detention center, from which he managed to escape.

As a young man, somewhere in 1986, he decided to pick up a bag and travel the world. When visiting India, he felt right at home. However, in his first encounters with yoga there was no click. To him, yoga seemed too religious, a kind of guru phenomenon.

He continued his life, making his money in all kinds of unimaginable ways, until a terrible car accident changed his life. 28 year old Sundar survived the crash, but his wife Julia did not.

His survival was considered a miracle, since he was brought into the hospital with a cut in his aorta, his leg almost ripped off and severe head trauma. After waking up the doctors told him he would never walk again. He decided otherwise.

With enormous dedication he managed to prove the doctors wrong, and besides many hours of training in an adjustable therapeutic swimming pool, it was yoga that helped him fully recover and regain mobility. As soon as he reached that point, he packed his bags and went on a journey.

Travelling from India to Russia, Mongolia, China and finally landing again in India, where he picked up yoga, met his teacher and friend, and decided to start living the life of a yogi. Practicing yoga changed his life, made him look in the mirror, and turned his life around 180 degrees. From a ghetto kid to a dedicated yogi.

Sundar has been running a yoga studio for more than ten years. During his time as a yogi and teacher he has seen lots of people following wrong information about yoga and suffering from poor practice.

After extensive practice and carefully examining the best approach to experience maximum benefits from yoga, he has started Yoga Knowhow.

Our intention is not to make you a circus artist, but an artist in the art of yoga!